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Grain fed-beef from North America.

Iberdeli's North American Black Angus beef is produced in the Platte Valley. Here, family traditions are upheld when producing premium grain-fed beef. The beef's unique marbling gives it a rich flavour and tenderness that every meat lover ought to have experienced.

The Platte Valley stretches from Colorado to Nebraska and is characterised by its vast, hilly grasslands. Only Black Angus cattle born freely in the valley enjoy this vast open space and fresh air. Additionally, they are fed a special grain mixture for 160 to 180 days. This diet is the result of years of expertise and contributes to the development of the meat's prized intramuscular fat.

The programme is affiliated with the Platte Valley Group, founded by the Viola family, which has been in the Nebraskan ranching business since 1975. They later expanded to Colorado. The family's excellent commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed. Nowadays it is considered a veteran of the meat industry and is widely recognised for its excellent products. Individual care for each animal has been given precedence over mass production.

There are good reasons why the Platte Valley Group selects only the best Black Angus cattle for this product line. By breeding only Black Angus cattle, the meat retains its superior quality from generation to generation. Black Angus cattle have long been known for their intramuscular fat development, which is what makes the meat so tasty. 

An exceptional breed of cattle, nurtured and refined with the utmost care on an experienced family farm - these are the key characteristics of a first-class product whose taste, tenderness and succulence are second to none. Thanks to the great partnership between Iberdeli and the Platte Valley Group, you are guaranteed this truly outstanding beef.