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Fuet is one of the most famous Spanish sausages. The mild and somewhat sweet taste of this dried and peppered pork sausage is popular all over the world. Fuet is traditionally matured for three weeks, which gives it its characteristic and popular combination of dry and juicy.

'Fuet' is the Catalan word for 'whip', which is where the sausage got its name, due to its long and thin shape. Fuet consists of a combination of lean pork and bacon and is seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar, cloves and coriander. During the drying process, the same mould forms on the outside of the sausage as with Camembert and Brie. 

Fuet from Iberdeli is produced in the Catalan village of Víc, where fuet has been produced for centuries using traditional methods. Only first-class pork is used in the production process. The sausages are carefully seasoned with fresh ingredients.  

Fuet's sweet and peppery taste makes it both appealing and enjoyable for everyone. At Iberdeli, you are guaranteed first-class Fuet directly from a renowned Spanish producer.