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Grain fed-beef from Canada.

Our grain-fed beef from Canada comes from the extraordinary Heritage Angus programme. It stands for reliability, integrity and animal welfare. The highest of quality standards ensure an honest, natural and unique product of premium quality.

Clean air and water alongside an optimal climate play a major role in the welfare of Heritage Angus' cattle and the quality of their meat. In western Canada, they are given plenty of room to move freely on hilly, green pastures. Furthermore, they are fed a carefully balanced diet of grains such as wheat and barley for at least 180 days. Additionally, the ‘never-ever principle’ is upheld: Cattle of Heritage Angus are never administered antibiotics, hormones or steroids. It all revolves around harmony with nature, both in terms of food and habitat.

Several Canadian ranching families are affiliated with the Heritage Angus programme, each with a set of long-standing traditional family values. These values regarding beef production are deeply intertwined with their culture and work practices. Sustainable cooperation with respect for people, animals and nature is key. Top-quality beef can only be guaranteed by paying extraordinary attention to the well-being of the cattle and their habitat.  

Since 1860, the originally Scottish animals have been grazing on Canadian pastures. This combines the best of both worlds - a hardy breed and optimal natural surroundings. All animals are 100% Canadian Angus and can be traced back to their original farms. Thanks to the spacious and safe living environment, their strong genes continue to develop. 

The result of this combination of high quality standards, healthy nature and outstanding expertise ensures meat of unparalleled quality, which is loved for its taste and tenderness. It was with good reason that the Heritage Angus programme won the award for best Canada Angus product in the World Steak Challenge. Every 2 weeks Iberdeli receives fresh Heritage Angus meat, so that you too can enjoy this special product.