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Simmental beef.

In the Swiss Alps lies the beautiful Simmental valley, the origin of the age-old Simmental breed. Simmental cattle are characterised by their tender meat with excellent fat distribution.

On vast grasslands at the foot of the Alps, Simmental cattle feed on grass, herbs and flowers. The cattle grow up free and undisturbed in hilly terrain that ensures muscle development. The completely natural diet also contributes to the characteristic taste of Simmental beef. 

Over the years, the habitat of Simmental cattle expanded to Austrian and German alpine pastures. A characteristic feature of Simmental cattle farming is that they must be at least three years old and have calved twice. The farmers put a lot of effort into ensuring that the cattle live long and carefree lives in the wild, which contributes to the quality of their meat.

Simmental cattle are averagely sized and characterised by their bone structure’s and muscles’ strength. The cattle are easily recognisable by their light brown to reddish colour and white heads. Simmental milk is also hugely popular and with more than 40 million cows, Simmental cattle are one of the most popular breeds worldwide.

Simmental beef is deep red, has a nice intramuscular fat distribution and a characteristic mild flavour that cannot be found in other types of beef. This is down to a unique combination of factors, including the hilly habitat and the fact that the animals graze on alpine herbs. Discover the exceptional Simmental product line for yourself at Iberdeli.