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Ibérico meat products.

The famous black Iberian pig is known worldwide as the pig breed with the greatest pork flavour. It exists only on the Iberian Peninsula, where a unique combination of factors make for a taste experience that no other type of pork can match. In addition to the popular Ibérico ham, Iberdeli offers several other specialities from this special breed of pig.

There are two types of black Iberian pig: Cebo and Bellota. The most widespread are Cebo pigs, the classic Iberian pigs that need to be able to move freely both indoors and outdoors. The pigs are fed a variety of grains (including corn) and live for at least ten months with a minimum live weight of 160 kilograms.

In order to be labelled as Bellota, the highest quality grade, the pigs must spend at least four months roaming outdoors and feeding on the typical Bellota acorns that fall from Spanish oak trees. This occurs in the hilly countryside of southern Spain during the ‘montanera’ (autumn). The acorns eaten by the pigs give Bellota pork its characteristic flavour.

For the production of the popular Ibérico ham, both the fore and hind legs of the pigs are used. The hind legs are less fatty and have a more intense flavour, making them more accessible. Ten days before the drying process begins, the hind legs and shoulders are marinated in sea salt. The drying process itself takes at least 24 months for Cebo ham and 36 months for Bellota ham. For Cebo pork shoulders, this process takes 12 months and 18 months for Bellota pork shoulders.

Iberdeli has been working with one of the most renowned producers of Ibérico pork since 2006: DeRaza, a company that combines over 25 years of experience and expertise with state-of-the-art technology and production facilities. This partnership has evolved over the years and as of today, Iberdeli is the exclusive distributor of DeRaza products in Northwestern Europe.

Black Iberian pigs, also called Pata Negra because of their characteristic black hooves, are only found on the Iberian Peninsula. The breed is protected by Spanish laws and regulations. This protection applies to both the name and the entire production process, from birth to slaughter. This guarantees the integrity of this breed, the quality of its meat and the welfare of the animals.

Apart from the well-known hams and shoulders, Iberdeli offers various types of differently seasoned Ibérico sausages:

  • Lomo Ibérico: dried back bacon with Mediterranean herbs.
  • Chorizo Ibérico: popular Spanish sausage that gets its characteristic red colour from garlic and paprika.
  • Salchichon Ibérico: somewhat milder sausage with garlic and pepper that resembles salami.

All sausages have a drying time of at least three months and are available in both Cebo as well as Bellota quality grades.