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Fresh Ibérico pork.

Iberian pigs are considered to be the world's finest quality breed. Fresh Ibérico pork features a high proportion of intramuscular fat. This is called marbling and gives the pork its distinctive flavour. Ibérico pork’s marbling is unlike that of any other type of pork. No wonder that this breed is also called the "Wagyu" among pigs.

Ibérico pigs feed on a mixture of fresh grass and various grains, including corn, throughout the Iberian Peninsula. They live mainly in Southwest Spain, where the pigs roam freely in vast open areas beneath old oak trees. 

Iberdeli has been working together with DeRaza, a Spanish pioneer in the production of Ibérico pork, for more than 15 years. DeRaza combines more than 25 years of experience and expertise with state-of-the-art technology and production facilities. Iberdeli is the exclusive distributor for DeRaza products in Northwest Europe.

The tasty meat of Ibérico pork can be prepared in a number of different ways. Some cuts, which in other types of pork are only suitable for making sausage and minced meat, can also be used as steaks thanks to their distinctive marbling. Moreover, the designation ‘Ibérico’ is legally protected and may not be used freely. This guarantees the quality of the pig’s breed, integrity and the animals' well-being.

Ibérico pork's marbling guarantees juicy and tender meat. Fresh Ibérico pork has a special and unique taste. Iberdeli regularly receives fresh Ibérico pork so that you too can enjoy this premium product.